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Artist Statement:
When does a landscape become more than a landscape?
To Noelle Stoffel, when a vantage point shifts, the lens through which a landscape is viewed awakens sensations that interpret place and space via fresh colors, forms and textures. That's what happened with the creation of this collection, Noelle explains. Flying low over Kansas City in a small plane let me experience my home anew. Beyond two-or three-dimensions, I could interpret layers of artistry in the shapes and colors below me. Those views were mixed with my feelings of home - I've been part of Kansas City nearly all my adult life. But this view from above had a spiritual sense to it, almost a cosmic view of God looking into my world.
The works that resulted had to be captured as impressions, interpreting colors, shapes and sensations into these expressions of the city she loves. She explains, I'm hoping these works invite people to take a second or third look, to discover something unexpected, and to explore the mysteries beneath the apparent.

KC-Themed Works - Above the City

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